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2016 Pet Nat
Following the run-away success of our Pet Nat last year, we have another version from the 2016 harvest. As is "normal" with Pet Nat wines, every batch is different, so the 2016 and 2015 cannot be compared easily. We have tried to learn from our first attempt and make some imporvements!

Firstly the grape variety mix this year is Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Faber and a splash of Auxerrois (largely because the badgers got into the vineyard and harvested the grapes before we could). The alcohol is higher at 10% and the wine has a much softer feel to it without the sharp finish.

The grapes were hand picked, pressed and started fermenting naturally without any yeast addition. Before the wine finished fermenting we bottled it into champagne bottles and the fermentation completed in the bottles, producing a sparkling wine.

The aim of making this style was to produce a light sparkling wine with no additives. It has no added sulphur dioxide, yeast, sugar - in fact nothing added apart from grapes. Really fresh and perfect for summer. The wine is slightly cloudy and may have a slight sediment in the bottle - this is completely normal for this style of wine. Sealed with a crown cap.

Thanks to the badgers, we only made 400 bottles and much of that has been snapped up by restaurants, so there are a VERY limited number of bottles available to buy from our web site.
NO added Sulphur

10% alcohol


100% grapes
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