will davenport
Davenport Vineyards
Limney Farm
Castle Hill
East Sussex TN6 3RR
Will Davenport
The first vines were planted in 1991 by Will Davenport and the business is still family owned. Will trained at Roseworthy College in Australia and has worked in vineyards in Alsace, California and Australia. Despite having a technical training he has always been enthusiastic about making wine in the most natural way possible, and above all has always aimed for the highest quality wines. Everything at Davenport Vineyards is trying to combine these two principles.
At Davenport Vineyards we have been making wines for over 20 years, building from a small start up to a collection of vineyard sites that total 20 acres. This is due to increase again in 2016 to 24 acres when we plant the Reedlees field.

Our aim is to make wine of the highest quality possible and to make wine that is a true expression of the grape varieties, soil and climate of our vineyards. We believe that the best way to achieve this is by interfering as little as possible and letting nature take its course (under our guidance of course). The use of organic methods helps to bring the results we want and has the benefit of also minimising our impact on the environment.

Since 1993 we have won numerous awards for our wines, converted all the vineyards to organic management and put together a winery that is one of the very few organic certified wineries in the UK fully equipped to make still and sparkling wines to the highest standards (winning three gold medals and the Vintners Trophy in the UKVA annual competition). Even after 20 years there are constant improvements and changes taking place every year, new wine styles, new ideas for growing grapes in a more sustainable way and improvements to equipment.

The Limney brand is made in small volumes and we believe that one of our strengths is that we take grapegrowing and winemaking as a hands-on craft rather than a large scale process. This gives each vintage and each wine we make its own unique character. Will Davenport is heavily involved in the vineyard and winery, supported by a hard-working and experienced team.
"Davenport, Limney Estate Blanc de Blancs 2005 based on (organically grown) Reichensteiner was so well made that I felt it could have been a particularly brisk Blanc de Blancs champagne."
Jancis Robinson, March 2011
Limney Blancs de blancs 2006
"Some evolution on the nose. Very fine bead. Vivacious. Very fine texture and refreshing – tastes like a Blanc de Blancs."
Jancis Robinson, March 2012
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"Will Davenport is one of the more serious and talented winegrowers in the UK today. The winery contains some of the best facilities and equipment in the UK....one of the brighter stars in the English wine firmament."
Stephen Skelton, The Wines of Britain and Ireland, 2001
"Davenport, one of England's top wine producers, makes deservedly popular Pinot Noir reds and dry white wines under the Limney label"
Monty Waldin's Biodynamic Wine Guide 2011